BRD Builders is working with Westchester Modular Homes Inc., the leading custom modular homes manufacturer in the Northeast, to bring you the best building experience possible. We are an approved Westchester Modular Homes builder and will be working with you on any and all aspects of your new dream home, from the initial consultation to the finished move in ready residence. Since 2000, BRD Builders has become recognized as one of the leading general contractors in the State of Connecticut. As a licensed major contractor with $30M in bonding capacity, BRD Builders has the resources and buying power necessary to competitively deliver on a multitude of projects.

All of our modular homes are custom designed, precisely engineered and build in sections at a climate controlled state-of-the-art production facility operated by Westchester Modular Homes, Inc. in Wingdale, New York. The factory delivers to nine states in the Northeast including Connecticut. Depending upon the level of the selected finishes and options as much as 85% of the work may be completed at the factory. While under construction the modular components undergo stringent quality control inspections at every stage of the process. In the end they are certified to the building code of your site's location before leaving the factory.

The factory builds your new home to your specifications taking into account your local building codes. They do use about 33% more structural material in the building process to be able to transport the modular sections to your building site and lift them with a crane onto the foundation. Furthermore, the factory employs state of the art building techniques and materials to make your home even stronger and more energy efficient. There are never any ommissions or shortcuts. The building materials and components used are of equal or better quality and strength than that of stick-built homes. This makes our custom modular homes stronger, tighter and much more energy efficient.

Our BRD Builders crew does all of the necessary site prep work and then installs and readies the foundation and drainage system. While your home is being build at the factory we bring in all utilities such as power, cable, communications, gas, municipal water and sewer hook ups, or install well and septic systems if needed. The standard modular components are usually completed in the factory within two to three weeks. They are then scheduled for delivery to the construction site once the site prep has been completed. Because we can work parallel to the factory, we are able to shorten the typical construction process by about 50% compared to a stick-built home, saving you time and money.

We will build your dream home as you envison it, using the construction brand names you can trust. The factory offers Andersen windows, Merillat kitchens, Delta faucets, American Standard tubs, sinks & toilets, Whirlpool appliances, TruDefinition shingles, Monogram siding, just to name a few. Of course, BRD Builders can supply also many other brands, options and upgrades to further customize your new home as you like. You can also add garages and sheds, covered porches and patios, inground pools and hot tubs, various exterior materials and details, custom stone work and stucco, specialty flooring and moldings, custom kitchens and baths, and so much more.

We partner with trusted and tried suppliers or providers to offer a complete, high quality turnkey construction service experience. This starts with the conception and design of your home taking into account your needs and wants, facilitating the site work as needed, the setting of your custom modular home onto the foundation, and it's subsequent completion and customization as per your instructions. Every step of the entire design and construction process is managed by us in a precisely choreographed, timely manner, with quality controls, checks and balances along the way to ensure you receive exactly what you contracted us to deliver: Your new dream home.

Building your own home is one of life’s great experiences, a true reflection of your taste and personality. Now, for the first time in history, home-building partners such as BRD Builders and Westchester Modular Homes, Inc. are able to help people build green homes throughout Connecticut. Our modular homes are by design and the nature of the production process far healthier for your family, your budget, your neighborhood and the planet than stick-built homes. There is also so much less impact on your building site because of the shorter construction time and the general nature of modular homes. Contact us today to find out all of the details and explore the possibilities.

Please join us for a live virtual factory tour to learn everything you need to know about custom modular homes.